I am a second generation Californian although I attended school in Alabama (Roll Tide!), California and Mississippi.  I knew early on I did not want to live and die without having seen some of the world.  After college and three kids I started traveling, first I packed my kids in a VW Van and set off traveling throughout the U.S. Later on I headed out to remote Mayan Ruins, Brazil, Peru, and the Amazon. I love being off the beaten path.

I’ve had many professions, including nursing and law, but discovered photography along the way, and that has proven to be my calling, my profession and the thing that Rocks my World. 

Rather than photograph subjects, I interpret how something or someone feels to me.  Whether I'm shooting people or boats, I strive to make each shot a beautiful interpretation, a memory.  I hope fifty years from now someone looks at a picture I took and the moment comes alive again. 

I assume someday, somewhere, perfection in photography is possible. To that end I spend every day learning and perfecting my craft, always striving to achieve exactly the right image for my clients.